Supporting Occupational Therapy in low & middle income countries
Supporting Occupational Therapyin low & middle income countries


Browse our carefully compiled list of books and manuals related to health care practice in low and middle income countries below. Find resources relating to working with paediatrics here and culturally relevant assessments here.

Early Rehabilitation in Conflicts and Disasters


Humanity & Inclusion, in collaboration with the AO Foundation, ICRC, MSF France, CBM, Livability and the WHO, launched the world’s first educational resource for early rehabilitation in conflicts and disasters. Find the Field Handbook for free here


Also accessible via HI's YouTube channel and Disaster Ready e-Learning course.

Disaster and Development: An Occupational Perspective


A WFOT publication to endorse and support the importance of occupational therapy and disaster preparedness.  


WFOT, 2015 Disaster and Development, an occupational perspective. Churchill Livingstone ISBN-10: 0702040479


Responding to Disaster Situations: Do's and Don'ts Guide for Rehabilitation Professionals


A brief and user-friendly guide by Humanity & Inclusion for professionals responding to disaster situations. Find the guide here

Disabled Village Children (2022 Edition)


A manual on community-based rehabilitation suitable for professionals and community workers.


Werner, D., 1987, 2022. Disabled village children: a guide for community health workers, rehabilitation workers and families. Berkley (CA): The Hesperian Foundation. ISBN  0- 942364-06-6
Available at: [Accessed 15th April 2023]

Helping Health Workers Learn


Methods, aids and ideas for instructors at the village level. 


Werner, D., 1982. Helping health workers learn: A book of methods, aids and ideas for instructors at the village level. Palo Alto (CA): The Hesperian Foundation.  ISBN  0-942364-10-
Available at: [Accessed 25 February 2009].

Partners in Evaluation

Evaluating development and community programmes with participants. 

Feuerstein, M., 1986. Partners in evaluation: Evaluating development and community programmes with participants. London & Basingstoke: Macmillan Education Ltd



Appropriate Paper-based Technology


A manual on how to make equipment using paper and cardboard.


Packer, B., 1995. Appropriate paper-based technology (APT): A manual. London: Intermediate Technology Publications Ltd.. 1-85339-268-5 

Available at: [Accessed 25 February 2009]


Nothing About Us Without Us.

Appropriate technology.


Werner, D., 1998. Nothing about us without us: developing innovative technologies for, by and with disabled persons.Palo Alto (CA): Healthwrights. 0-9655585-3-3 Available at: Disability Information Resources  [Accessed 25 February 2009].



Occupational Therapies Without Borders

2nd Edition

Integrating Justice with Practice


Occupational therapy practice, theory and research, from south to north, east to west. 143 authors with 67 chapters from 22 countries with contributions from Easter Island travelling Eastward to Japan



Authors: Dikaios Sakellariou and Nick Pollard

eBook ISBN: 9780702065101

eBook ISBN: 9780702065286

Paperback ISBN: 9780702059209

Imprint: Elsevier

Published Date: 11th November 2016    (Accessed 25.10.16)


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