Supporting Occupational Therapy in low and middle income countries
                                                                                      Supporting Occupational Therapy in low and middle income                                                                     countries


Saturday 23rd July 2022
General Meeting
10.30am - 1.00pm
WHO rapid assessment of assistive technology survey in Guatemala/Global Projects and Tools
Dorothy Boggs (ICED) and Angelique Kester (Lilianne Foundation and Enablement, ICED + WHO GATE)
LGBT+ Forum (Zimbabwe)
Sidney Muchemwa

OT Frontiers Mission Statement


OT Frontiers is a network of occupational therapists based in the UK who have an interest in occupational therapy in low and middle income countries. We aim to promote an understanding of how as UK occupational therapists we can most appropriately apply our practice in the context of these countries. Whenever possible we collaborate with our overseas colleagues in projects that they undertake.


Recently received  news highlights - more details on our News page.

RehApp 2


A tool for fieldworkers who work with people with disabilities.

Enablement are due to launch a new App which can be used in the field.  The chapters on Amputation, Burns, Clubfoot, Leprosy, Low Vision and Spinal Cord Injury are already available with other chapters to be finished soon. 


For more information visit:


June 2022


Samphia Foundation in Kullu in Northern India.
OT Frontiers don't usually post items related to fund raising but the following video illustrates the amazing work of some of our colleagues in India and also information for anyone wanting to volunteer with this organisation. If you are interested in volunteering, please read our manual "Working in Less Resourced Settings" found on our Downloadable Resources page, which helps you think through the issues you will face.
Jan 2021

 Humanity & Inclusion,

in collaboration with key partners (the AO Foundation, ICRC, MSF France, CBM, Livability and the WHO), launched the world’s first educational resource for

Early Rehabilitation in Conflicts and Disasters. 

The Field Handbook is freely available globally andonlinefor any rehabilitation professionals living in or preparing to work in emergency settings.  

This educational resource is now accessible through 3 different channels: 

  1. The Field Handbook  
  2. HI's YouTube channel:  A catalogue of videos has been developed alongside Humanity & Inclusion, MSF-France and ICRC rehabilitation therapists and beneficiaries from around the world. This ensures that the resource is free and accessible to healthcare professionals internationally. 
  3. Disaster Ready e-Learning course 

Nov 2020

The OT and Inclusive Education Project in Pakistan, including a downloadable Resource Guide can be accessed at:
An article about the importance of collaboration in this project was published in BJOT last month.  For more details go to our News page.
July 2020

UK-Med Community of Practice


UK-Med provides emergency medical care in the aftermath of large and sudden-onset disasters. Previously known as the UK International Trauma Register now healthcare workers committed to emergency humanitarian response are invited to join the UK-Med Community of Practice.


For more information go to:


MAITS provides small grants to enable experienced disability professionals from all over the world to share their skills with those working with and caring for those with neuro-developmental disabilities in low and middle-income countries. 

For more information click here


Gorkha Development Scheme (Nepal) 


Still recruiting volunteers



Click here for more information


September 2020


INCLUDE: A Community-Based Rehabilitation (CBR) learning community


 INCLUDE is an online learning community for community-based rehabilitation (CBR) that aims to inform and support CBR managers and interested stakeholders around the world. Learn more on by clicking on the tiltle to go to out Resource page or go to: 




The CBR Matrix


The importance of understanding Community Based Rehabilitation if working in low and middle income countries, was discussed at the last OT Frontiers Meeting. The CBR matrix is a visual representation.  Find out more at:

Our next meeting:


         Our next meeting: 



22nd October 2022

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Future meetings dates:

21st January 2023



For all communications please note:

OT Frontiers is a network of UK based OTs who have an interest in practice in low and middle income countries. Information we exchange between ourselves and with others is offered in a spirit of mutual sharing; it should not be considered as advice. OT Frontiers does not necessarily endorse any organisation we mention. Please make your own enquiries regarding the legitimacy and safety of any organisation you plan to engage with. OT Frontiers strongly advises individuals to follow the travel advice of the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office, and recognise that their advice about any destination can change at short notice. Organisations in other countries do not always have advanced understanding of the implications of security situations for foreign visitors; it is the responsibility of the prospective visitor to make their own judgment.




Small Project Grants

In line with OT Frontier's primary aim to support individual Occupational Therapists and groups of OTs who are contributing towards the development of the OT profession in low or middle income resource settings, OT Frontiers will consider funding small scale projects or the CPD of colleagues.


This will help successful applicants to complete small scale projects or CPD activities, the results of which will contribute to:

  • participation in OT service developments at local and national level
  • the continuing professional development of OT'


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