Supporting Occupational Therapy in low & middle income countries
Supporting Occupational Therapyin low & middle income countries

Cultural and Social Resources

Books and journals about cultural issues and competency and other social issues.

1.  Disability, Liberation and Development.

Book: Cultural and social context.


Coleridge, P., 1993. Disability, liberation and development. Oxford: Oxfam (UK and Ireland). 0-85598-195-4

2. The Use of Appropriate Paper Based Technology (APT) in Zimbabwe.

Journal article:  Using paper technology; teaching OTs and technicians


Kelly, L., 1994. The use of appropriate paper-based technology (APT) in Zimbabwe. Occupational Therapy News, September 1994. pp. 8-9

3. What Occupational Therapists Can Learn from Traditional Healers.

Journal article: As per title.


Kelly,L., 1995. What occupational therapists can learn from traditional healers. British journal of occupational therapy, 58(3), pp. 111-114.

4. Chinese Culture and Occupational Therapy.

Journal article:  As per title.


Jang, Y., 1995. Chinese culture and occupational therapy. British Journal of occupational therapy, 58(3), PP.103-106.

5. Triumph of the Challenged.

Book: Short stories about people in Bangladesh with disabilities.


Waldie, E., 2002. Triumph of the challenged: Conversations with especially able people. Ilminster: Purple Field Press. 0-9542797-0-0

6. What is Cultural Competency?


Journal article:. Cultural competency.


Brundle, C., 2007. What is cultural competency?, OT News, 2007 July, p.28

7. A Family-Centred Approach to OT in Tanzania.

Journal article.:  Addressing financial constraints, paper technology.


Kingsley, F., 2007. A family-centred approach to OT in Tanzania. OT News, 2007 December, p. 33.

8, Breaking Down Cultural Barriers.


Journal article:  Cultural competency.


Barker, M., 2008. Breaking down cultural barriers. OT News, 2008 January, p. 37.


9. Embracing Opportunities: Stepping Out of the Box


Journal article. Cultural competency.


Barker, M., 2008. Breaking down cultural barriers. OT News, 2008 January, p. 37.

10. The Cultural Competency Debate.


Journal article:  Practice in different cultural context.


Atkinson, C., 2008. The cultural competency debate. OT News, 2008 June, p. 44.

11, Working Within a Different Culture


Journal article:  Cultural competency.


Williams, L., 2008. Working within a different culture. OT News, April 2008, p.29.


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