Supporting Occupational Therapy in low & middle income countries
Supporting Occupational Therapyin low & middle income countries


Thought-provoking presentations from our past conferences

Project HEAL: Mental Health for All

Rod Charles Delos Rayes

A presentation at the OT Frontiers General Meeting on 21.1.23


Rod Charlie Delos Reyes is a young licensed occupational therapist based in the Philippines. He believes that an inclusive society is possible within his lifetime, hence he participates and leads movements towards disability awareness and non-binary acceptance. He is currently finishing his PhD from the University of the Philippines Manila. He is also the Executive Director of a non-profit called the Open Arms Organization.


Charlie spoke about OT in the Philippines and his work within his organisation, Open Arms. He also spoke about the project which took place to raise awareness of Mental Health issues and management and which was able to take place after he received a small grant from OT Frontiers. 

Project Heal
Project Heal.pdf
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AHP Competencies

Lucie Hogger and Natalie Bryan

(Communication Therapy International)


A presentation at the OT Frontiers AGM on 22.10.22


The special competencies for practice in low-and-middle income countries and Humanitarian work.  Developed by Communication Therapy International (CTI) by their members to provide a document which can be used to help those SALT therapists looking to work in LMIC and those who are looking to employ professionals.


Discussion after the presentation initially focused on how the SALT competencies have been found useful so far. The relevance of these competencies to OT was acknowledged and so interest in having something similar for OTs inferred. There was also discussion about whether commonly required competencies could be included in the Working in Low Resourced Settings document. Find more information here

The Artistry of OT Practice

Dr. Wendy Bryant


A presentation at the OT Frontiers AGM on 22nd October 2022


An exploration of the meaning of “Artistry of Practice” was followed by how this applies to the OT profession: looking at where artistry stands as part of our experience, knowledge, practice and evidence. The relevance of this in an international context was then discussed.


YouTube Link: 

WHO rapid assessment of assistive technology survey in Guatemala/Global Projects and Tools

Dorothy Boggs (ICED) and Angelique Kester (Lilianne Foundation and Enablement, ICED + WHO GATE)


A presentation at the OT Frontiers Meeting on 23rd July 2022

A presentation outlining the results of the survey of assistive technology in Guatemala.

Also presented was the work of the Lilianne Foundation, of Enablement, and of RehApp2. 


YouTube Link to recording of the presentation:

LGBT+ Forum (Zimbabwe)
Sidney Muchemwa
A presentation at the OT Frontiers Meeting on 23rd July 2022
Notes on an online forum which took place in Zimbabwe to discuss the role of Occupational Therapists working with LGBT+ patients.  
LGBT+ Forum Zimbabwe
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OT, Ableism, and Co-Production of Services

Rachel Booth-Gardiner


A presention at the OT Frontiers Meeting on 23rd April 2022

watch on the following video link:
Passcode: ?H59&PrB

Western Theory and Global South Practice: Reflections from Rural Tamil Nadu 

Leo Helen Keller


A presentation at the OT Frontiers Meeting on 23rd April 2022

Read Leo's notes:

OT Frontiers Presentation notes Leo.pdf
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