Supporting Occupational Therapy in low and middle income countries
                                                                                      Supporting Occupational Therapy in low and middle income                                                                     countries

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OT Frontiers is a network of British OTs who have an interest in practice in low/middle income countries and we rely on volunteers to achieve our aims. We hold a membership list which we use to circulate information we feel might be of interest, such as opportunities for volunteering and details of our meetings and to help us plan activities such as meetings and study days.  Most information we have which we feel to be of general interest we also post on our website.  You can join the membership list  by completing the attached below and returning it to


Membership Application Form
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Here is a map showing where our members are currently based (in green) and also areas where OT Frontiers members have previously been (in yellow) with the duration of their stay.



Getting Involved


We are keen to recruit interested new members to help us with the work we do, so if you are interested in getting involved by contributing to any of the roles outlined below please contact us at -


We will look forward to hearing from you!





OT Frontiers works by being a forum where occupational therapists with a common interest in occupational therapy in low and middle income countries are able to network.


Here are some of the ways that you can be involved:

  • Join our mailing list by emailing -  - to stay updated with our current opportunities, newsletter, and other relevant information.

  • Attend quarterly meetings - please see details of the next meeting date and location on the website sidebar. All OTs and OT students are welcome, whether you have worked overseas or are thinking about it.You are very welcome to come along! 

  • Exchange information with the network by speaking at a meeting about the work you have done or by writing a reflection for our website.

  • Form distant partnerships with occupational therapists in low / middle income countries.




Help find the Evidence related to OT practice in low and middle income countries


We are committed to finding relevant, useful and current research to help our members keep up to date in their practice and thinking. 


We need people to contribute to the information that we gather and make available via email and our website pages.


Your role would be to bring relevant papers to the attention of the media team. This could be done on an adhoc basis (if anyone comes across a useful paper they could contact us) but also on a regular basis as part of the Research Workgroup.




Media Support


We are constantly working to maintain and develop our media outlets such as our website and Facebook page. 


If you’re interested to help with this crucial role and feel reasonably confident in using internet technology, you would be very welcome to join the Media team to keep our online presence as up to date as possible.




Study day and conference support


We occasionally run study days for our members, to enable them to get together to learn specific skills related to working in a low or middle income country and exchange knowledge about the work.  The study days can be multidisciplinary or may focus only on Occupational therapy.


We are often also asked to attend conferences run by others (and would like to do this more often), in order to raise awareness of OT practice in low and middle income countries.


You could help us in this work by becoming:

  • A member of a Study Day Workgroup

  • A steward on the day of a study day

  • A representative of OT Frontiers at Conferences – this could be by co-presenting with someone from OT Frontiers or by inviting OT Frontiers to present at a meeting or conference you know about.




Let us know of any work or volunteering placements in low or middle income countries


Many of our members are looking for placements in low or middle income countries, volunteering or paid. We try to raise awareness of these placements by email or through our website. If you know of potential placements you think may be of interest to our members please email us at





Our next meeting:


         Our next meeting: 


23rd July 2022

For more information click here.




Future meetings dates:

22nd October 2022

21st January 2023



For all communications please note:

OT Frontiers is a network of UK based OTs who have an interest in practice in low and middle income countries. Information we exchange between ourselves and with others is offered in a spirit of mutual sharing; it should not be considered as advice. OT Frontiers does not necessarily endorse any organisation we mention. Please make your own enquiries regarding the legitimacy and safety of any organisation you plan to engage with. OT Frontiers strongly advises individuals to follow the travel advice of the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office, and recognise that their advice about any destination can change at short notice. Organisations in other countries do not always have advanced understanding of the implications of security situations for foreign visitors; it is the responsibility of the prospective visitor to make their own judgment.




Small Project Grants

In line with OT Frontier's primary aim to support individual Occupational Therapists and groups of OTs who are contributing towards the development of the OT profession in low or middle income resource settings, OT Frontiers will consider funding small scale projects or the CPD of colleagues.


This will help successful applicants to complete small scale projects or CPD activities, the results of which will contribute to:

  • participation in OT service developments at local and national level
  • the continuing professional development of OT'


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