Supporting Occupational Therapy in low and middle income countries
                                                                                      Supporting Occupational Therapy in low and middle income                                                                     countries

Volunteering and Work Opportunities

Please find below information about jobs that have been brought to our attention and websites where jobs are sometimes advertised.


However please note that OT Frontiers is a group of British OTs who have an interest in practice in low/middle income countries. The information we have comes from mutual sharing and is offered to others in this spirit. OT Frontiers does not necessarily endorse or recommend any organisation we refer to. Members of OT Frontiers can share thoughts arising from their personal experience but are not able to formally advise individuals on courses of action suitable for themselves.


Please make your own enquiries regarding the legitimacy and safety of any organisation you plan to engage with and about the safety of any country you plan to visit.  OT Frontiers STRONGLY ADVISES each individual to check the travel advice section of the British Government Foreign and Commonwealth Office regarding travel to any proposed destination . Please be aware that the foreign and commonwealth office advice may change as situations in overseas countries may change.  Organisations in other countries do not always have advanced policies or understanding of the implications of security situations for foreign visitors; it is the responsibility of the prospective visitor to make their own judgment.



Motivation have opportunities  for posts both in the UK and abroad

  Details of these vacancies are available on their website: 


Correspondence relating to recruitment should be directed to 



Occupational Therapy Volunteering Opportunity in Gorkha, Nepal


Possible practice settings are in the government hospital, numerous primary/secondary schools, Gorkha Women's Association School hygiene programme/Women’s Health programme, and there is also the possibility of spending time in Gorkha deaf school and Gorkha Prison.

Gorkha Development Scheme (GDS) is a smalll Non- Government Organisation based in Essex which has been running since 1988.  GDS has a link with their sister charity in Gorkha, Nepal that makes the most of local professionals and their connections in Nepal.  Gorkha is a small town in the central hills which was close to the epicentre of the earthquake in 2015 and as a result of the Nepal committee member's experience ad local knowleddge, GDS was able to support families and schools directly.  This has particularly benefitted remote villages that did not recieve support from the Nepalese government, or other organisations, so these communities have since been facing futher challenges of rural life.

GDS offers a variety of volunteering opportunities in Gorkha, to include teaching/teacher training, medical elective placements and now including Occupational Therapy (OT).  There is so much potential for OT in Gorkha but due to OT not being a mainstream profession in Nepal the volunteering roles would be role emerging with full support from GDS Trustees in the UK.

Possible practice settings are in the general hospital, numerous primary and secondary schools (including working with children with physical disabilities and learning disabilities) deaf school, Gorkha Women's Association projects and there is also the possiblity of spending time in Gorkha Prison.  So volunteering in Gorkha provides an opportunity for occupational therapists and students to gain further experience and enjoy the Nepalese way of life.

The experience can be extremely flexibel so GDS is open to hearing your interests and skills and we welcome anyone interested to visit and to email


We look forward to hearing from you,

The GDS Team!


(Amended in March 2018 however is an on-going request)

Volunteer OTs are needed in the Black Sea resort of Varna, Bulgaria


Request received from The Frontline Partnership


Ann Todorov, an English physiotherapist who lives in Varna is involved in a children's resettlement programme. 60 youngsters with disabilities are moving from institutional care into 5 small homes. Ann desperately needs OT volunteers to help assess the children and set up habilitation programmes. She will provide professional support and says that, despite very limited resources, the care staff are well motivated and helpful, so they are seeing positive results such as children beginning to mobilise after not having walked for years etc.  I’m sure any OT would have a very rewarding time. PTs and SLTs are also needed.


Cheap accommodation is available. If you could offer at least 4 weeks (or possibly even if less) – please contact Ann Todorov for more details.


Advert added April 2015 - Ongoing request

Mental Health OT posts in Jamaica


Due to Island wide recruitment challenges, there are inpatient mental health OT vaccancies in Jamaica, West Indies.  Debbie Roof gives the following information.  She has recently left a postion there and so the information is true as far as she knows.  She writes:


"There are two ministry of health (MHO) paid posts (applicants would have to see pay scales MHO payscales) 


1. Bellevue hospital possibly has 4 OT posts (some of these may be Technician posts) including a head OT. BVH has been without an occupational therapist for approx 5 years and I believe approx.800 patients remain there. 


2. Cornwall Regional Hospital holds 1 OT post and 1 therapy assistant for the inpatient wards (some outpatient clinic), basically I have just vaccated this OT post. I am keen to get somebody into the post ASAP before it is dissolved due to lack of interest. 


There are no training programmes in the Caribbean region (although a Masters program is on course for Trinidad Tobago) hence a historical significant shortage of therapists, and recruitment is very difficult. There has been reliance on volunteers in the past however VSO no longer operate in Jamaica. 


These posts would be ideal for experienced psychiatric trained expats or persons open to travel with a challenge and work in developing low-resource setting. There is a need and some commitment from MOH to modernise care however without manpower this is not possible.


Applicants would need to go via the OTAJ (OT Association of Jamaica) site/body also, must register with HPC in Jamaica. In addition enquire via MOH and the HR dept related to the site of interest. If there is no interest I think all the posts will become dormant and there will be no mental health service on the island."


If you would like more information you can also contact Debbie at

Added: November 2016

Volunteer occupational therapists needed in Kathmandu to work in mental health hospital


Occupational therapists are needed at Amrita Foundation Nepal, a Nepalese mental health rehabilitation hospital based in Boudha, Kathmandu. Amrita Foundation Nepal is a non-governmental organisation that provides residential rehabilitation and treatment for adults with mental health needs and learning disabilities. The team consists of mental health nurses, psychologists, psychiatrists and students of psychology on placement.


In 2015 occupational therapy was introduced by two occupational therapists from the UK. Work / volunteer placements are very much 'role emerging' as the profession is not yet established in mental health services in Nepal. Amrita Foundation is extremely supportive and enthusiastic to develop their treatment to include occupational therapy and the hospital  team is keen to lead the way in innovating mental health in Nepal and have links with a range of useful networks and organisations specialising in mental health rehabilitation.


The first volunteer OT placement focussed on staff training in the concepts of OT in mental health, introducing therapeutic groups, enhancing occupational opportunities within the hospital and in the community, developing in-house activity resources and supporting patients in achieving meaningful roles and routines that are goal focussed and person-centred.


The treatment team have agreed that future occupational therapy placements should continue to support the introduction of OT carried out on the first placement. The hospital’s priorities for future placements include: discharge planning, community outreach, developing post-discharge support and family education.


Recently qualified occupational therapists as well as those with post-registration experience are welcome to apply. Therapists with previous experience of working overseas and managing the challenges of working in a different culture are preferred. Experience of a role-emerging placement or of working in non-traditional roles beneficial. Minimum 4 week placement term.


Please contact both and for discussion of the role and recruitment. Please visit for information on the hospital. 


added 14.04.16 

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Small grants for OT development projects

OT Frontiers offers up to 5 grants a year of up to £100 each to support small scale projects or the CPD of Occupational Therapy colleagues in medium and low resourced countries.


Small grants information



















For all communications please note:

OT Frontiers is a network of UK based OTs who have an interest in practice in low and middle income countries. Information we exchange between ourselves and with others is offered in a spirit of mutual sharing; it should not be considered as advice. OT Frontiers does not necessarily endorse any organisation we mention. Please make your own enquiries regarding the legitimacy and safety of any organisation you plan to engage with. OT Frontiers strongly advises individuals to follow the travel advice of the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office, and recognise that their advice about any destination can change at short notice. Organisations in other countries do not always have advanced understanding of the implications of security situations for foreign visitors; it is the responsibility of the prospective visitor to make their own judgment.


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