Supporting Occupational Therapy in low and middle income countries
                                                                                      Supporting Occupational Therapy in low and middle income                                                                     countries

Small grants for occupational therapy projects

Please note that OT Frontiers have allocated all their grants for 2019 and will therefore not be accepting any new applications this year.  We are also reviewing this policy and so changes may be made to the terms and conditions next year. 




In line with OT Frontier's primary aim to support individual Occupational Therapists and groups of OTs who are contributing towards the development of the OT profession in low or middle income resource settings, OT Frontiers will consider funding small scale projects or the CPD of colleagues.


This will help successful applicants to complete small scale projects or CPD activities, the results of which will contribute to:

  • participation in OT service developments at local and national level
  • the continuing professional development of OT’s



For full information please and the application form please click on the Word document below:


Microsoft Word document [30.1 KB]

Examples of small projects which have received grants from OT Frontiers

  • Occupational Therapy Professional Development Day in Malawi


Professional development day feedback (1[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [145.1 KB]
  • Summer school organised by Ho Gent University and held in Uganda in August/September 2017 -  3 Rwandan students attended the Summer School with the help of funding from OT Frontiers.  
Adobe Acrobat document [197.8 KB]


  • The Uganda Mental Health Position Statement


  • The Zambia OT Education Programme needs assessment


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